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New Donation Shop!

[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted 18 hours ago

[T-Mod] jycannel a when do we get are veten donator ranks?
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a now everyone go donate !!!
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published New Donation Shop! on News
[Owner] multiboy aThanks TheyCallMeKrisha for your donation!
Means a lot :)
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[King] TheyCallMeKrisha a  No problem~
[Owner] multiboy aRemember to like us on Facebook guys!
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThank you to Splinterdraco for the donation! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks to Jay for the donations!! :) 1st and 2nd donator! :)
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Kattielyn a  added 30 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Owner] Chrone97 aCongratz to our new t-mods, hope you will do good at Nordic Uniplay! :)

The new t-mods are:
- Rkhpr6400
- THX_Tubbs
- Splinterdraco
- Syntro_Head20

This is only for YC, I will hire new t-mods for YCC, when the server gets up :)

Any promotion, yes, there will also be some promotions today! :)

The following are promoted:
- Kalum0101 to Admin
- Jay55566674 to Admin

- Chrone
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  Congratz everyone
GeorgeT364 a  YAY, Congratulations Everyone!!
Nordic Uniplay has reached a new record of 1000 registered users today!
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luckybucky98 a  Congratulations
[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a  Exuse language but holy fuck thats alot
[Mod] THX_Tubbs a  Well done
Nordic Uniplay has reached a new record of 950 registered users today!
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[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a  50 just 50 left i cant wait till we reach 1000 in around 2 weeks i bet maby less
[Owner] multiboy aList of people that has been demoted

Kalum0101 has been demoted to Admin

Dman173 has been demoted to Mod

Kaykat demoted to normal player

Lady Starfire has been demoted to Admin
[Spec] zanena a  dooms they would like to not have it public for now just know that they are demoted thats all you need to know for now
doomsdaymuffin Banned  zanena i did not ask you ok i ask multi and dont tell me what to do plz
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  6 Admins and 1 Trusted admin
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