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Hello people!

Today, I want to announce some big things, which are going to happend in the near future!

 NEW: Utopia out - Agrarian Skies in!

About Madpack 2, due to countless errors to get the madpack 2 working with cauldron, we have decidied to change our minds yet again.

We really wanted to get madpack 2 working, but all the versoins of cauldron would either give errors or would just flat out not work, and after 48 hours of trying to get it working, we decided that it was a lost cause yet again.

Therefore have we chosen Agrarian Skies, it is a adventure/magic based modpack with quests in it, it is really fun to play!

Hope you can understand our decision.

New Design

Multi and I have spoken to eachother and thought the website is a bit outdated.
Therefore! Multi is in a proces trying to make a new awesome design for the website and a new banner!

We also think that the website has a lot of random stuff on it, we want to look through it and delete the unnecessary stuff on it.

Things that does not work right now

Right now votifier is a bit bugged and therefore doesn´t work, Multi is looking for a solution and want to fix it as soon as possible.

In this weekend, I will sit down and look at the donation shop, Perhaps adjust some prices, add and delete some things.

Thanks for reading this long post!

- Chrone and Multiboy -

Xx_Crafty_xX a How long will this take to bring up then 3-4 week's it should take around 4 hrs to get it all set up...
inesdaniel a i would love a cracpack 2 server ...
[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a Cant wait chrone

Vote for Nordic

[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted Oct 21, 14

Thank you! :)
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Owner] Chrone97 a  YAY THANK AGAIN NOKOL!!!!! :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thanks*
[Owner] multiboy a  DA REAL MVP NOKOL! :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published New things on Nordic Uniplay! on News
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[Owner] Chrone97 aCongratz to Zanena!

- He is now our new Trusted Admin a long side with Nokol, may he do well! :)
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[Mod] jycannel a  I Do us proud and be nokols sidekick :)
GeorgeT364 a  #NokolsSideBae4Lyf
[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a  Congratz zanena and congratz nokol for not being a loner lol
[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks to BSSaar for his donation!!! :)
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  Thank you :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published Vote for Nordic on News
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Owner] Chrone97 a  YOU DA REAL MVP <3
[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a  Your awesome nokol u really are
[Mod] jycannel a  if it expires and we pay arfter it expires will we lose all are stuff on the website?
[Owner] Chrone97 aCongrats to for being our new t-mods, may they do their best! :)

- ArthurEgnineer
- Shadowslayer0

- Chrone
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[Admin] dwarfmaster13 a  Congratz too u all
Alpha_Sniper3 a  I read that as Chrone being also a T-mod so I had a confused face for about 2 min
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks to shadowwolf0 and Eroll123 for their donations! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aHello all! This is an update about the new promotions! :)

Chris300300 promoted to Moderator on YCC
Jycannel88 promoted to Moderator on YCC
Minerdlx promoted to Moderator on YCC
873324 promoted to Moderator on YCC
MadXnerdzZ promoted to Moderator on YC
Sk8er204 promoted to Admin

New Trial-Moderators:
XxWolfHakerxX - New trial mod on YCC
Slenderlemon - New trial mod on YCC
Haydenk57 - New trial mod on YCC

Congrats to them, may they serve well! :)
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MrMufin a  congratz everyone!
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  congrats everyone of the mods and the admin
and the new tmods
[Mod] Syntro_Head20 a  Congrats guys ^_^ You all deserved this :)
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