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[Legend] DieselRulez a posted Fri at 18:49
Well, I have no idea what is going on, its just not working, I start it up, if it lets you join, it crashes shortly after someone joins, there is no crash log, and I have checked other logs, no success, I will try to keep you posted but I dont have the best knowledge of this, I am seeking help from devs I know.

Azziza a Certain things happening simply dont generate a crashreport, annoying but it is as it is.
[Dragon] Lady_StarFire a I suspect the recent changes with Mojang's protocols and down time may be the cause of the recent non-connections. Hence ...
[Legend] DieselRulez a ITS UP, no idea what I did, or why it wasn't working, Make the most of it !!!!
If you think this then I have good news for you! :)

Well soon they won't be anymore cause as it seems donationcraft has been updated and the shop economy will then be changed to Nordic Uniplay points!
So you can buy a diamond for like 50 Uniplay Points (Just an example)
[Admin] Dman173 will we also be using the regular money to?
[Mod] dwarfmaster13
dwarfmaster13 @ Nordic Chaosville
na i recon things like spoil bags from dart craft that would be awesome to buy
Kattielyn ao suggestion add Obsidian to store.. seems everyone needs that. or maybe some of that hard to find ores like Sunstone or m ...
[Legend] DieselRulezWell, the time has come, The following people will become the latest Trial Mods, please respect our decision and welcome them all as possible future staff members of Nordic Uniplay, they are as follows:

Lady_StarFire - Chaosville
Masonwilmhs - Yogcraft
SprocketX - Chaosville
Luckybucky98 - Yogcraft
Zanena - Chaosville

For now, I ask that staff members with power leave them the rank they are, I will sort all 5 of you out tomorrow at some point, or further in the future, there are a few things I will need to stress, but this is an official acceptance, by permission from Multi, Grand Ma.....Diesel's Slave, xD, only messing.

Can I wish you all the best in making it to the moderator rank, and might I add, try your hardest during this rank (Trial Mod), This is when we watch you closer than usual, this is your chance to prove to us your the right man/woman for the job, can I also stress that any negative incidents which happen during this time, I.E being a bad person, Griefing, Breaking rules, highly offensive language, etc, you will be demoted without hesitation, and little chance of making it to Moderator, Good Luck.

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[Admin] Dman173   congrats mason and i wish all of you the best
[Mod] dwarfmaster13   congrats to you all you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!! :)
[Admin] cmitca11 a  Congrats! Do us proud!
[Sadmin] kalum0101Thank You Seruten for your donation :)
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[Legend] DieselRulezApologies for me not being online in the last like 3 - 5 days, I have an important aptitude test coming up which will determine if I am a worthy candidate and get me an interview, this could choose my future career and I placed it above all my other responsabilities in terms of priorities, the easiest way for me to do this was to completely ignore Nordic to prevent the community (no offence =P) from distracting me, I am sitting the test in like 2 hours, and will finish around 1pm, so Ill hopefully be online and able to fix some issues then ;).

from Scotland with love,

-Head Admin-
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[Legend] DieselRulez   P.S got Yogcraft up for you =P
[Admin] Dman173   whoo go diesel! i know you will do great. and thanks for getting Yogcraft up
Nordicuniplay has reached a new record of 650 registered users today!
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[Owner] multiboy a  One day we will have 1000!
Thanks for the fantastic support everyone! :)
[Mod] dwarfmaster13   awesome
[Admin] cmitca11 a  And on that day .... We will .... be ... HaPpY ?
[Legend] DieselRulezIll be sorting some things between 9 - 10am on the 13th, just because the player count has been the lowest that ive managed to get up to see.
[Owner] multiboy aOne day cate will take over the world!
27 Reasons Cats Are Taking Over the World
They're cute, furry, and probably plotting our death as we speak.
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bvmu a  Ftw*
[Admin] cmitca11 a  They are not affected by gravity xD
[Dragon] Lady_StarFire a  Dogs Mentality: You feed me, love on me, pick up after me. You must be God!
"I love you!"
Cats Mentality: You feed me, love on me, pick up after me. I must be God!
"Pet me slave."
[Legend] DieselRulezHUNGRY IS BACK (AGAIN)

Give this man the biggest welcome you can muster, he deserves nothing less than complete respect, this man is a legend, and he should be welcomed as such

Welcome back bro, Welcome back. <3

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[Mod] dwarfmaster13   welcome back bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Admin] agente246 a  I was first to say Hi to him :d Welcome home hungry :d
SprocketX a  Welcome back Hungry
[Legend] DieselRulez   published Chaosville on News
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[Legend] DieselRulezYogcraft is up apologies for the downtime.

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[Legend] DieselRulezThe following People have been Promoted:

Trial - Mod
Dwarfmaster - Chaosville
Blockhead - Yogcraft
Alpha_Sniper - Yogcraft

Mod - Admin
Squad24 - Yogcraft
Dman173 - Yogcraft
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bvmu a  Yay go block and dwarf and dman and alpha
[Mod] WMyatt69 a  Good job guys, and keep the good work up!! I can't wait to join you (if i do) :> Good Job Again!!! :3
Naranar a  Congrats all off you guys and sorry that i haven't been on as much but school has been really annoying with a ton of stuff but i'll be back on alot more during the summer so again congrats all of you guys and i hope you do a good job!
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