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As you all decide where to go now that Nordic Uniplay has sadly shut it's doors (a thread discussing that linked HERE), we would like to let you know the following information Multi and Katelyn (a former Nordic Dev and current owner of a server group called ShadowNode) have worked out for the benefit of you, our loyal and wonderful players.

Katelyn, Owner and CEO of ShadowNode Servers has kindly offered the following to all Nordic Members:
-Staff on Noridc have been offered positions at her server
-----You will see familiar faces there!
-Donations to Nordic will be honored on ShadowNode
-----This means Donators will receive the equivalent donation rank on their server

We hope to see familiar faces join us on ShadowNode, even if it's just to visit! Mutli and Chrone have worked out this deal with Katelyn to keep you all together, so please remember to thank them for providing such a great and wonderful community. We all will remember Nordic and the fun we shared as a family.

Thank you, everyone, for being part of Nordic and we shall see you again.

ShadowNode Info

They have a custom Launcher: Download Here

IPS/ Website
Website : Click Here
Infinity IP :
Direwolf20 IP : (Currently down pending a upgrade)
Modsauce IP:
Vanilla IP:
agente246 a Hey starfire remember me? Is it Katlynn the x-Admin? Or a different one?

Yes this post is excactly what you think it is.

Nordic Uniplay is closing.

After 2 years Nordic Uniplay and its players and staff has been through a lot of fun and challenges but sadly it must comes to and end.

Me and Chrone at the moment aren't able to be owners of a minecraft community, our studies right now takes way too much time and it doesn't blend it with social life or job anymore. That's why you haven't really seen us lately because we havn't gotten the time anymore :(
We chose to close Nordic Uniplay cause we were feeling that we were letting the players down and not only them but our staff as well.

When will it all go silent?

Around the 12th of April is the day that Nordic will close, we've chosen to give players and staff a couple of days to settle with this, I'll talk about this later in this text. The 12th the servers will go offline, and porbably this website too. It might stay up for community purposes.

Multi, Chrone I have a question?

Yes, please ask us! :) But this time we haven't made a forum, it seems a lot of questions on forums goes unanswered. So please instead send us a message to our profile! It can be anything from a "don't close" to a "I have an idea".

Where to go from here?

For once, and only once guys! You may finally post other servers on here, I will make a forum where you can all discuss where to go from here so you can find a server all to play on together. I suggest you go to: This is the server of Katelyn, a really nice person with a community just as nice as ours! :)


It's been a blast people, but sadly "live and let die". We thank you all staff or players the support from you has been amazing! And I am sad that it can't last any longer :(.

Multiboy & Chrone

danodude a Most people probably wont remember me. I kind of left quite abruptly but I had a wonderful time on these servers and whi ...
agente246 a We had the best run! :') I remember years ago we had so much fun with diesel chone rk cj I remember it all, I will neve ...
DieselRulez a I think I speak on behalf of all the staff, its been a brilliant 2 years.

Today is our 2nd Anniversary of Nordic Uniplay!

Two years ago today, we opened our doors. Some of us who were there are still here with us!

Without players like you and those who have come before you, we would not be where we are today.

So from the staff and owners of Nordic Uniplay, THANK YOU!

Please keep in touch with the forums for the next few weeks as we celebrate our 2nd Year Annivesary the only way we know how, SURPRISES for our loyal and generous players!

Much Love,

~Nordic Uniplay Staff and Owners

Omazing_ a Keep on trucking nordic!
fraggleswagg a I feel the same way BSSaar. I found an awesome server with great people and believe me that's been a dang quest trying t ...
[VIP] BSSaar a You'll never get rid of me, better deal with it. Happy 2nd year anniversary! ...

Vote for Nordic!

[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted Feb 9, 15
Vote for Nordic, you receive 5 diamonds and 200 claim blocks on Modsauce! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aCongrats to our new Admin - 2perry2!

Sadly some of our old mods and t-mods, has been demoted due to inactivity :)
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Darthbenjamin a  Hey, so I talked about this in the chatroom, but I've been inactive because I broke my arm something fierce. I can send you the xray on skype if you need. I hope you can make an exception for me.
[Owner] Chrone97 a  No need to do that darth, just write to me through skype please ;)
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