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[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted Sat at 20:00
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a modsauce has a bunch of mods with the newest versions a great example is the new applied energistics 2 and a bunch of ot ...
[King] TheyCallMeKrisha a
TheyCallMeKrisha @ Modsauce
Well, Modsauce adds a bunch of mods that wasn't in YCC so, yeah I'm pretty sure you're the only one Sidrao. Maybe they'l ...
[Master] Lady_StarFire ao
Lady_StarFire @ YC
woooohooo!! And yes Sidrao, you are.
[Owner] Chrone97 aCongratz to our new t-mods!!! :)

- Splinterdraco(Nice to have you back!)
- 2perry2
- Bluestar84
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  congrats new tmods and welcome back moderator :)
[T-Mod] Splinterdraco a  :) thank you!
[T-Mod] 2perry2 a  th so much
Nordic Uniplay has reached a new record of 1100 registered users today!
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[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thank you so much everyone!!!! :)
agente246 a  :)
agente246 a  I remember when it was just 100-200 and when we hit 1000
[Owner] Chrone97 a  added 30 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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agente246 a  :)
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  i was just thinking about that krone was probebly about to add some days. and well 30 days are really expensive so ye thanks so much krone :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published Vote for Nordic! on News
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[VIP] BSSaar aI should have learned by now, that I should not put too much effort and work into building (at very least) on a modded server... it punishes me every time, and always so soon after I started playing.
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  multi flans is like the most buggy mod on a server ever made i promise u
[T-Mod] 2perry2 a  wait...... plane plus guns = happy platipus
[Tadmin] zanena a  flans = not buggy anymore :)
[Hero] HunterSeeker001 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thanks man!!!! :)
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  gg thanks dude :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a16 people on YC WOW :) Thanks! :)
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[Admin] Omazing_ a  added 2 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[T-Mod] 2perry2 a  yah thx alot :)
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  thanks man ur the best :)
[Mod] jycannel a  THANKS!
[Owner] Chrone97 aCongratz to Kalum, he is now our new Developer!

- He has big knowlegde and we can now fix stuff faster than before and make the servers, better than ever!!
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[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  congratz kal ! :)
[Tadmin] nokol2000 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Owner] Chrone97 a  YAY THANK AGAIN NOKOL!!!!! :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thanks*
[Owner] multiboy a  DA REAL MVP NOKOL! :)
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