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I've come to the decision to add in this rank to maybe calm the server? This rank will control the relationship between the community to staff, staff to staff issues, community opinions on stuff, etc. If you have an opinion about something and you want to stay anonymous... You go to this person and you tell them what you would like for them to relay to Me/Krone/Multi. You will stay 100% anonymous so there is no biasedness and we can continue on with our day without worrying about being judged or what have you. 

The only person on the server to have this Rank will be Senta.

She has shown major support in the community, she's helped handle several situations that were near uncontrollable... She's talked to people about personal issues and have helped them with whatever those issues may be. She's trusted, and I would tell her just about anything from my personal opinion. She has sworn secrecy regarding certain things and has assured me that nothing told to her will be publicly announced with a name. If there is an issue, she will tell me, I will try to resolve it. No names involved. 

With the recent 'drama' that has been happening between certain "cliques" I thought that this would be the best decision regarding some of the issues. 

It will help me organize and improve the way the staff function, the way things are handled, the way staff communicate with one another, etc. 

Of course, if you want to talk to me directly, I'm okay with that as well, and you guys know how to reach me... But it would be better as a whole if you would go to her for issues regarding personal opinions on staff/server management. Just to stay anonymous and to get your point through without any sort of judgement or backlash.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, I appreciate it... and I hope that you treat Senta with the respect she deserves since she does everything she can to sort the server for the better. :) 

Do me a favor and welcome her aboard! <3 

[Admin] Lady_StarFire
Lady_StarFire @ YOGSCAST Complete
congrats Senta
[Mod] zanena a Congratz mate ...
[T-Mod] TheyCallMeKrisha a Congratulations Senta~

All Applicants

DieselRulez aa posted Jul 16, 14
Applicants, the requirements for staff have been updated, please refer to the link below.

SlenderLemon a do we have to have access to both teamspeak and skype or is it just one of them?
Dman173 do current staff have to update our apps?
dwarfmaster13 a Can i point out that age is just a number it means nothing age doesnt make u superiour over younger some younger people ...
[Head] Vexxied   published New Rank - Public Relations on News
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[Head] VexxiedI would like to announce that we have a few new Trial-Moderators in our rankings...

TheyCallMeKrisha - YCC
Sk8er204 - CrazyCraft
ManVic - Yogcraft
trench53 - Yogcraft
JaY55566674 - Yogcraft
ReiiDoX - Yogcraft and Madpack

As for promotions:

Have been promoted on YCC.

At this time, we are no longer accepting staff for Yogscast Complete, however we are in need of dedicated staff for Madpack and Yogscraft, if you are interested feel free to write an application. If you know of someone who you think would be a good fit for staff, tell them to create an application. :)
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[Mod] Omazing_ a  Thank you!
dwarfmaster13 a  Congratz guys that got accepted and for those that didnt i know how sad and angry u feel right now
[T-Mod] trench53 a  thank you
[Dev] Azzizadc4reak thank you for the donations !
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[Dev] AzzizaThank you olt and JayCast for the donations !!
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DieselRulez aNew Trial Mods:

Nokol2000 - YCC
GeorgeT364 - YCC
MrMuffin - YCC
Dullspork - YCC
Omazing_ - YCC
Zanena - YCC
DoomsdayMuffin - MP & YC

Nauadah has also been promoted to Admin
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[Mod] Omazing_ a  Thanks!
dwarfmaster13 a  Gratz guys
[Admin] Lady_StarFire   Wooot woot!
[Head] VexxiedSpank you, Hylian, for your donations! <3 <3 :d
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[Mod] zanena a  lol "spank you" :d now i have heard that too
agente246 a  Spank you Hahaha :p
[Dev] AzzizaThanks nauadah for those donations !
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[Owner] multiboy aThank you nauadah for your donation! :)
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[Dev] Azzizaluckybucky98 thank you for the donation !
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Nordic Uniplay has reached a new record of 950 registered users today!
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dwarfmaster13 a  50 just 50 left i cant wait till we reach 1000 in around 2 weeks i bet maby less
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