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Hello all!

Multi and I want to make a competition for you guys! :)

The rules of this competition is:

Whenever you buy a donation pack you will receive 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 tickets, it depends.

Trainee: 1 ticket
Waiter: 2 tickets
Host: 3 tickets
Chef: 4 tickets
Master-Chef: 5 tickets

The same it goes with YC.

I will find the winner on the 24th, on, and make a video so you dont think im cheating :)

The winner will receive a special and rare rank: The Santa Rank

Prefix: Santa
It contains the items, as there is in the pack you bought.
With the Santa rank you can do: /fly, /hat, /god and /heal

And it is only YOU who got it! :)

Good luck! :)

Remember 35 % off on all donation packs in December! :)

[M-Chef] racermix a What about my santa title from last year?
[Owner] Chrone97 aa People who already bought items from the new shop is in the competition aswell! ...

Vote for Nordic!

[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted Nov 22, 14
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published Upcoming Meetings! 21/12-2014 on staffdashboard
[Owner] multiboy a  published Welcome to the staff Dashboard! 21/12-2014 on staffdashboard
[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation hunterbuilder001 and Arbrog! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation Jay! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aHello guys, here is the new promotions and t-mods! :)

- Splinterdraco to Mod
- Jay555666 will go straight to mod
- 994175008 for T-Mod
- Char11e for T-mod!

Good luck! ;)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation Shurik :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation Sdude! :)
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[M-Chef] sdude2 a  You are very welcome, Nordic is rising back up to its glory that I so enjoyed before!
[Dev] kalum0101 a  When we fall down, we brush off the dust and get right back up again!
[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation Andrew2400! :)
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[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation masterninjaa! :)
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