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Vote for Nordic!

[Owner] Chrone97 aa posted Feb 9, 15
Vote for Nordic, you receive 5 diamonds and 200 claim blocks on Modsauce! :)
[Owner] Chrone97 aCongrats to our new Admin - 2perry2!

Sadly some of our old mods and t-mods, has been demoted due to inactivity :)
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[Hero] HunterSeeker001 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Admin] 2perry2 a  THANKS SO MUCH HUNTER!!!!!
[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thanks!!! :)
[Owner] Chrone97 a  published Vote for Nordic! on News
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[Owner] multiboy a  added 30 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Admin] 2perry2 a  thank u multi :)
[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation Revelator! :)
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[Dev] kalum0101 aJust a little something i made for the farewell of YC
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HDHardcoreCOD a  I love it :)
cmitca11 a  Wow, just came to see how nordic's doing and i see this, still have my Christmas skin :) Awesome!!
[Hero] HunterSeeker001 a  added 7 Ultimate days to Nordic Uniplay
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[Admin] 2perry2 a  thx soo much!!!!!!
[Owner] Chrone97 a  Thanks!
[Owner] Chrone97 aCongratz to our new trial-mods!

- sexycookie
- dyetime
- darthbenjamin
- hog_ryder
- 01jayjay

And our new admins!

- Jay55566674
- Jycannel88

Good luck! :)
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_SlenderMelon a  congrats guys !!! :)
xDeathCode a  Gratz Jay... And Jy And Every One Else
Darthbenjamin a  Thanks!
[Dev] kalum0101 aLike our new banner? :)
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Nokol a  sure made by kalum it says in the corner :)
Syntro_Head20 a  So I'm looking at this message after a long time and I just thought to myself.... "It says Yogcraft AND Modsauce.... surely since we are going to be getting rid of Yogcraft, that would imply that Kalum would have to make a new banner XD
[Owner] Chrone97 aThanks for the donation ProxNinja77! :)
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