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[Dev] Azziza a posted Mon at 10:48
If you invite people to your town and they rob you blind and raze your town to the ground it is NOT a grief.

Be carefull who to invite, who you trust and dont come to staff because a resident took advantage of you, you should've been more carefull.

Crafty51 a Note termite don't give a s*** about protection also the MC planes/heli mod on some of the things ...

CrazyCraft 2.1 Launch!

[Dev] Vexxied a posted Fri at 19:50
CrazyCraft 2.1

This is a new modpack featured by the Voidswrath Launcher.
You can get it at:

Be sure to install CrazyCraft version 2.1 or you wont be able to connect to the server.


Keep the following in mind:

- Keep inventory is OFF.
- This server is on hard mode, you will starve.
- You will not have full health, only 5 hearts.
- You will get a 1 time item on login, it's an instant shelter, 
  use it with caution, 'cause it will spawn a shack with all the things you need to start off.
- This pack is crazy hard, a lot of mobs and bosses in there, dont go just dungeon hopping from the start.
- Don't ask for refunds when you die, you should've been more careful.

The following plugins; useful for players are installed.

- Towny - A claim and protection plugin, for info:  /towny 
- Jobs - A plugin that allows you to make money to purchase a town, for info:  /jobs
- OnTime - This plugin will keep track of your time played and will reward you accordingly. (no spoilers) >:D
- Prism - This will record every grief, theft, etc. You will get caught and banned.

Enjoy !!

~The Crrrraaazzyyyy Team - Azzi & Vex
minecrafter23523 How do we join?
Wormbrain a
Wormbrain @ YOGSCAST Complete
may still be under construction
masterninjaa a cant connect anyway cuz you have whitelist on

All Applicants

DieselRulez aa posted Wed at 15:53
Applicants, the requirements for staff have been updated, please refer to the link below and update your applications before the 19th of this month, failure to do so will result in it being rejected.

SlenderLemon a do we have to have access to both teamspeak and skype or is it just one of them?
Dman173 do current staff have to update our apps?
dwarfmaster13 a Can i point out that age is just a number it means nothing age doesnt make u superiour over younger some younger people ...
DieselRulez aNew Trial Mods:

Nokol2000 - YCC
GeorgeT364 - YCC
MrMuffin - YCC
Dullspork - YCC
Omazing_ - YCC
Zanena - YCC
DoomsdayMuffin - MP & YC

Nauadah has also been promoted to Admin
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[T-Mod] Omazing_ a  Thanks!
dwarfmaster13 a  Gratz guys
[Admin] Lady_StarFire   Wooot woot!
[Dev] Azziza   published TOWNY and GRIEF on News
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[Dev] VexxiedSpank you, Hylian, for your donations! <3 <3 :d
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[T-Mod] zanena a  lol "spank you" :d now i have heard that too
[Dev] AzzizaThanks nauadah for those donations !
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[Owner] multiboy aThank you nauadah for your donation! :)
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[Dev] Azzizaluckybucky98 thank you for the donation !
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[Dev] Vexxied   published CrazyCraft 2.1 Launch! on News
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[Dev] AzzizaHylian_soilder thanks for the generous donation !!!
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[Dev] AzzizaXxReapermanxX thank you for your donation !
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DieselRulez aGood Job Azziza and Vex =)
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