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Corrupted Chunk has caused the server to crash on startup, it will be down while we fix this.
[Dev] Azziza or not .. grrr
[Dev] Azziza YCC is back up
[Admin] cmitca11 a i thought i'd finish my essay come back and play for a bit .... guess not ...
So we all know Diesel went for resignition as is most likely back in a month but a month is actually a long time for a server so therefore we needed a substitute. Kalum will be the head admin of Nordic Uniplay until Diesel comes back where Kalum will resign and become Diesels right hand man. I am sure Kalum will fulfill this job just as good as Diesel even though I know it's hard :)
[Admin] cmitca11 a I had a hunch Kalum would be temp head gg ...
nokol2000 a congrats i am sure you will be a good admin
XxWolfHakerxX a wow diezels been around scince i started playing im so sad but kalum congratz
I believe a congratulations are in order to Nordic Uniplay.

A community born not much more than a year ago, started out as the first Yogcraft server and community, She has now advanced  into a much, much larger community, after hosting several servers after Yogcraft, it finally settled on Chaosville, where a shock to us, we turned out to be the first ever public Chaosville server, where truth be told we have done a better job, but we never gave up, and now we are hosting the first Yogscast Complete Public Server!

 And now, after so much arguing, so many issues, so many Great, amazing times together, we have succeeded in hosting 3 servers which (cross fingers on the third) have/will become fairly popular.

We have come a long way, and it is all down to 3 great people, most have you may have not met them, many of you may not even know them, but they do appear every now and then, 1 appears more than the other, who in turn appears more than the 3rd, I am of course, talking about the 3 men who started this community over a year ago.

To Multi.

To Chrone.

To Recue.

Congratulations lads, you have given me and many other people a place of great joy, a place to hang out, a place to talk, chat, debate, argue, decide, a place to meet new people, and greet old ones, a place to welcome the shy and put up with the bold, you have given us all, a truly unique time.

May it forever last, and may we always look to the future of Nordic Uniplay.



P.S: Have a Pint on me
[Mod] dwarfmaster13 very true multi u and the owners are the owners of the best comminty server everything is best
[Owner] multiboy aa Thank you Diesel. And not just Diesel. It's an honour to be one of the leaders of the greatest community of minecraft T ...
[Admin] cmitca11 a it really does bring a tear to ur eye :'), *cough*Diesel i think you forgot the forth person to thank ..... and .... it ...
[Owner] Chrone97 aPromotion from Trial_Mod to Mod:
Lady_Starfire and Zanena - Chaosville
Luckybucky - Yogcraft

Our new Trial_Mods:

Welcome to the team!
lmwamh a  thanks!
[Mod] sk8er204   Have a great ride on the Nordic jurney :)
[Mod] masonwilmhs   Well chrone what about me?
[Legend] DieselRulez   published Yogscast Complete temp Down on News
[Owner] multiboy a  published Kalum: Head Admin of Nordic Uniplay on News
[Legend] DieselRulezAlpha_Sniper and Squad24 have both been demoted for constant arguing and bickering, the situation has gotten out of hand and it appears that neither of them are willing to drop the subject, we believe that this behaviour is doing no good and only harming the community, in the future, they may have another shot at applying and hopefully they will be a little more responsable.

Nordicuniplay has reached a new record of 700 registered users today!
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[Admin] agente246   Cough*Party on YCC*Cough*Where i get to nuke the world*Cough

Jks but nordic is growing so fast! thanks to everyone who has supported us!
[Legend] DieselRulez   I think its safe to say, this is entirely because of THE YOGSCAST! Without them we wouldnt have Yogcraft, Chaosville or Yogscast Complete! GOD BLESS YOU YOGSCAST, GOD BLESS YOU! <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxx xxx xx x
[Mod] dwarfmaster13   lol agent and ye you got a point we wouldnt have this comminity without yogscast
[Legend] DieselRulezIm very very sorry about Chaosville, Idk why its so laggy, frankly idk how to fix it =/
[Legend] DieselRulez17 people on a 1 day old server, 24 on our Chaosville server, and 13 on our Yogcraft server....brings a tear to my eye. =')
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Nordicuniplay has reached a new hit record of 266 unique hits today!
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[Legend] DieselRulez   published Congratulations are in Order on News
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[Legend] DieselRulezHaving a few CPU issues with Chaosville, trying to fix it =)
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